Rip Out and Replace

Repair Your Asphalt with Pavecon Arkansas

Since 1992 Pavecon Arkansas has happily offered full asphalt and concrete services to the state of Arkansas. During the past 25+ years, we have worked with a variety of clients large and small. Whether you are a massive apartment complex or small bank parking lot, Pavecon is the Arkansas paving contractor for you. We designed our rip out and replace service to take an old parking lot, and revitalize it. If you are looking to repair your parking lot, give us a call today.

The rip out and replace paving process effectively restores severely damaged pavement. We begin the process by completing an in-depth evaluation of your parking lot surface. This allows us to provide the best advice and estimate for the project.

We follow the pavement evaluation, by complete removal of the current top layer of asphalt. This allows us to inspect the lower levels for any existing or potential issues. Next, we address any lower level problems that would effect the structural integrity or drainage problems. This helps to keep all layers of the asphalt surface healthy and as a result, your parking lot will stay in top shape for much longer.

Once the base and subbase layers are addressed a new surface is installed and the pavement markings applied.

The removal and replacement process is an extensive form of asphalt paving. We firmly recommend the rip out and replace process when your parking lot has experienced wide-spread damage. At Pavecon, we also offer a variety of other parking lot paving services. These include asphalt overlays and new asphalt installations.

As a top Arkansas paving company, Pavecon will exceed your expectations from initial call to finishing touch.

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