Pothole Repair

Choose Pavecon Arkansas to Repair Your Pothole

Pavecon Arkansas has been working towards a pothole-free Arkansas for many years. Our crews have worked with a variety of customers to fix potholes of all shapes and sizes. Pothole repairs are critical to keeping traffic accidents to a minimum and people safe. If not addressed in a timely manner a small pothole can increase in size and become a nuisances to anyone using your pavement. If you are in need of pothole repair, or any asphalt repair, make sure to contact Pavecon. We have been a top paving company in Arkansas since 1992.

Why do Potholes Form?

Potholes form unexpectedly and in the least opportune spots. The cause of this tends to be the erosion of paving materials. It is one of the most common forms of structural failures within paved surfaces. In most cases water causes deterioration and because of this depressions will form where weaknesses occur.

We are proud to deliver extensive pothole repair services to all clients. We will evaluate your pavement to provide you with an accurate and honest estimate. Therefore, you will be well informed with each step of the asphalt repair process.

Make sure to give your leading Arkansas paving contractor a call at (479) 203-7550. Our crews will be repairing your pothole before you know it.