New Installation

Choose Pavecon to Install Your New Parking Lot

Pavecon Arkansas has been delivering new asphalt installations since 1992. Our crews have worked side by side with businesses and organizations to construct new parking lots throughout the state of Arkansas. We have the capacity to service all client sizes ranging from big-box retail, shopping centers, office complexes, to schools and universities.

Step 1: We begin new construction jobs with an in-depth site plan. Our initial planning is second to none, as we know the importance of forethought.

Step 2: Once the plan is laid out a complete excavation and removal of unwanted materials is performed.

Step 3: The next step is base layer application. Aggregate material is installed to the proper depth then compacted to provide strength for the paving surface.

Step 4: We apply the new asphalt surface to the base.

Our state of the art equipment delivers exceptionally smooth surfaces every time. This new asphalt surface will be seamless, sturdy, and durable.

Step 5:  We complete pavement markings to the specifications of each client. As a result, the new parking lot surface will provide their customers with the best entrance and exit from their business.

Our team is proud to be a leading paving company in Arkansas. If you need any paving services, don’t hesitate to contact us at (479) 203-7550.