Crack Filling

Fix Your Pavement Cracks with Pavecon

For over close to 30 years, Pavecon has been a premier provider of crack filling in Arkansas. We proudly deliver encompassing asphalt repair services to the citizens of Arkansas. At Pavecon, we recommend crack filling to address surface damage. Crack filling will help to protect the lower pavement layers. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of asphalt repairs. Our teams know the most efficient and effective asphalt repair practices. As a result, we will professionally repair all cracks within your asphalt surface.

Cracks occur over time in all pavement surfaces. These surfaces are subject to severe weathering throughout the course of their life. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on your pavement. When cracks form, there is potential for further damage to occur. Cracks that continue to grow will often turn into potholes. As a result, Pavecon also offers first-class pothole repair services.

Pavecon offers a variety of paving services to fix all of your asphalt needs. Whether you need parking lot paving, asphalt maintenance, or sealcoating, Pavecon Arkansas is the company for you.

Our crack filling service consists of a proven process to successfully fill your cracks. The cracks are first cleaned of small, lost material with pressurized air. The cracks are then filled with a hot-applied joint sealant and an aggregate to increase cohesion. Our professional crews repair cracks in your blacktop surface with the best materials.

Pavecon Arkansas is the leading paving contractor serving the Northwest Arkansas region. Give us a call today at (479) 203-7550.