Concrete Repair

Repair Your Pavement Damage with Pavecon Arkansas

Actively addressing concrete damage is very important. It can have a lasting impact on the overall health of your concrete surface. At Pavecon Arkansas, we recommend developing a pavement care and maintenance strategy. It is important to utilize various repair and maintenance strategies to extend the life of your pavement.  For over two and a half decades we have supplied Northwest Arkansas’ citizens with punctual, expert concrete repair. We are proud to be a leading paving company in Northwest Arkansas.

Types of Pavement Damage

Pavement damage that would need concrete repair comes in many forms. Damage can vary in size, visibility, and severity. The most prominent and pressing type of damage is structural cracks. These cracks can form from improper design and bad construction techniques or over time from overloading and natural causes. If left unattended, structural cracks can lead to potential injuries or further damage.

Non-structural cracks are stress related damages from weight, materials, or other foreign bodies. They differ from structural cracks because they are not generally visible. They do not typically lead to vehicle damages or personal injuries. However, they are uninviting and disconcerting to individuals.

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