Asphalt Patching

Choose Pavecon to Patch Your Parking Lot

Pavecon Arkansas is a top asphalt contractor serving the citizens of Northwest Arkansas. For over 25 years we have paved, repaired, patched, and maintained parking lots. With a variety of patching options, we will fix any pavement problem that you have. Our team is ready to evaluate your surface at call’s notice. As a top paving company in Northwest Arkansas, we focus on excellent craftsmanship and deliver premium pavement surfaces in each job.

Types of Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching is a very effective and efficient form of repair. Pavecon Arkansas offers a number of different pavement patching services in order to assist you. We provide various patching methods so whatever your patching needs are, Pavecon is the answer.

When your blacktop is still in decent shape, we recommend surface patching. This style of patch does not call for full surface removal. We simply apply the patch, and feather it for the unique grade.

The overlay patch will fill sunken regions of pavement. This patch type addresses lowered areas that are collecting liquids or materials that are harmful to the pavement. As a result, the blacktop overlay patch will temporarily relieve stress caused by pooling liquids.

Our digout patching process consists of surface and base layer removal.  This method is used on surfaces with a higher degree of damage.

Lastly, the excavation patch is for the most severely damaged pavement. When your pavement is contaminated, the excavation patch will effectively repair the area. As a result, this protects the rest of the pavement.

Therefore, if you are in need of asphalt repair services in Arkansas or any of the surrounding cities, make sure to contact us at (479) 203-7550  about our asphalt paving services.