Asphalt Overlay

Choose Pavecon’s Pavement Overlay Services

An asphalt overlay is one of the quickest and most efficient forms of parking lot paving. A pavement overlay consists of milling out the asphalt surface and applying a new layer of bituminous paving. This occurs instead of removing the original base layer entirely but is not a suitable solution for all severities of pavement damage.

The overlay process occurs in approximately 3-4 steps

Step one assessment: The purpose of the assessment is to examine the status of your pavement surface. A thorough evaluation helps us provide the proper strategy while working within your budget.

Step two: In just about all cases asphalt milling will be necessary. Our team will grind and remove a specific amount of the surface material to ensure a great result.

Step 3: We apply a new asphalt surface to the base layer.

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